Adelaide to Robe

Must-See Places in South Australia

Adelaide is the city that will stay in our hearts forever. But we cannot sit still, so we continue exploring Australia! And our next destination is Robe. But let’s not rush – there is so much to see in between! Check out our TOP 10 Must-See Places on the way from Adelaide to Robe!

1. Maslin Beach

This was our first stop on our way from Adelaide to Robe. Maslin beach is located around 40 kilometres south of Adelaide. Why it is so special? In February 1975, the southern part of this beach was declared Australia’s first legal nude beach. And now there are even Nude competitions in Maslin Beach! But actually, we loved it here just because those cliffs along the shore which make this 3-km-long beach a spectacular place to visit.

2. Aldinga Bay

This place is very close to the previous beach and why this is special? Well, not in every beach you can take a car with you! Yeah, here the beach is designed so that everyone could take the car and just go on the beach with it, set up a tent and enjoy the time with all the comfort. This will cost you 6 AUD. Moreover, near Aldinga Bay you will find also vineyards and tracks to explore the Aboriginal areas!

3. Second Valley

And then comes the Second Valley Beach which was just stunning! Unique cliff formations and super-clear water make this place perfect for nature lovers, photographers and those who enjoy fishing, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Just come here and you will be amazed by the beauty of nature!

4. Cape Jervis

Cape Jervis is the very tip of the Fleurieu Peninsula south of Adelaide. Here you will find a terminal and a passenger ferry that goes to Kangaroo Island. If you choose to take a ferry for 98 AUD, you will reach that island with 509 km of coastline with native bushland, wildlife, and pristine beaches. But there are things to do in Cape Jervis as well! Even if this place is mainly fishing destination, you can visit the Cape Jervis lighthouse, explore Deep Creek Conservation Park, which is the largest remaining block of wildlife habitat on the Fleurieu Peninsula, or go the Heysen Trail that is a 1 200 km walking track from Cape Jervis to the Flinders Ranges. And besides that, it is just a perfect feeling to be here!

5. Victor Harbor

Victor Harbor is finally a bigger town about 80 kilometres south of Adelaide. This town is the largest population centre on the peninsula. This is a very popular holiday destination in South Australia and no wonder – there is so much to see here! Across the bridge located in the town you can reach Granite Island characterized by huge granite boulders. You can also take a horse tram ride over the wooden causeway that connects the mainland at Victor Harbor to Granite Island, which will cost you 10 AUD. Sandy beaches, clifftop trails, coastal bikeways, flora and fauna parks – this is Victor Harbor! And let’s not forget the whale watching, or spotting the seals, penguins, dolphins and a wide variety of other native wildlife here!

6. Clayton Bay

Clayton Bay is a town where we stayed longer because of our friend there. It is a small town with a series of holiday homes. Close by here, you will find wine regions and some historic places. But Clayton Bay itself is a pleasant place to visit! The best is the walk along the Alexandrina Lake. Calm and relaxed way of enjoying Australian flora and fauna, and spot those birds! Clayton Bay hugs a small bay, dotted by islands and some hidden treasures – come and see for yourself!

7. Goolwa

Goolwa is located 83 km south of Adelaide and is a true river town, welcoming those willing to get into their boats. And let’s not forget the swimmers, divers and other water-lovers! This place is also a gateway to the internationally significant wetlands of the Coorong National Park and that so important Murray River. Yeah, here you also can celebrate the Wooden Boat Festival!

8. Lanhorne Creek

Langhorne Creek wine region is located on the plains near the town of Strathalbyn. There are more than 20 wineries which will introduce you to the wine-making traditions and offer to taste some of the most amazing wines. Yeah, this is just a perfect stop to get some relaxing-evening drinks.

9. Coorong National Park

This national park is an amazing complex of spectacular places along the lagoon stretching 140 km, separated from the ocean by sand dunes. Coorong National Park is perfect for bird watching wildlife spotting, hiking and photography. Remember that here all the sites are accessible by walking tracks, bush trails or 4WD marked tracks – sometimes simple car just won’t work. Beaches, salt lakes, freshwater lakes and the Murray River mouth. This is just incredible!

10. Robe

Robe is a small fishing port located in the Limestone Coast of South Australia. This is actually one of the oldest towns in South Australia, which was founded by the colonial government as a seaport, just ten years after the Province of South Australia was established. And the place is very pleasant with beautiful coastline and viewing points. What else? If you are here, visit Latvian beer brewery the name of which is the Robe Town Brewery. These guys make it special as they are the only wood-fired brewery in Australia and one of only few in the world!

Australia is rich. And even the driest state, South Australia, is just spectacular! Here you can see some of many wonderful places to visit, so take a car and have a look!


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