Welcome to Mount Gambier!

Oh, this little but beautiful place! Mount Gambier lies halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne and is an ideal place to feel the vibrant lifestyle of a big city and yet be in a small town, between modern conveniences and the preservation of natural beauty. The area of Mount Gambier is renowned for its natural beauty and the gorgeous coast. We really enjoyed our stay here and actually spend more days in Mount Gambier than we initially planned. And there are some reasons for it! Check out five of them in our TOP 5 Must-See places in Mount Gambier!

1. The Blue Lake

This is definitely one of the most-visited spots in Mount Gambier. And as we went there we knew, why. Yeah, this is the bluest lake that we’ve ever seen! The first question that popped in our minds – is it real? This is certainly a unique and breathtaking sight! The Blue Lake is a lake in an extinct volcanic crater. There are several theories and stories of the colour of the lake`s water, but generally, people say it’s something about the sun’s reflection in the lake. There is a 3.5-kilometer-long walking trail around the lake and some viewing platforms are in between. Also, guided tours are available and with the guide, it’s possible to get down the crater as well.

The Blue Lake is available 24/7

Entree fee: free

Aquifer Tours:

Tour times – daily, 9 am – 2 pm on the hour (last tour at 2 pm)

Price: adult $11, child (5-16) $5, family (2-4) $31, cash only.

Crater Lake Tour – Guides of Mount Gambier:

Tour times – daily, prior booking required.

Price: adult $20, child (12 & under) $10

2. Valley Lake area

Even if this lake is not that popular as the Blue Lake, it’s definitely worth visiting because of the beautiful area of it. There are several scenic trails to explore the area’s most amazing attractions. Discover many hills, lookouts and rich flora and fauna of the lake. There is also a Conservation Park, where you will be able to find indigenous species of flora and fauna in an environment very similar to that which would have originally been found in the area.

The Valley Lake is available from sunrise to dusk, 7 days a week.

Entree fee: free

Walking trails:

Leg of Mutton Lake – 1.6 kilometers, time 45 minutes, grade easy;

Mountain Trail – 4.2 kilometers, time 1-2 hours, grade moderate;

Pepperpot Trail – 1.7 kilometers, time 1 hour, grade easy.

Three short walks are Blue Gum, Browne`s Lake and The Oaks.

3. Centenary Tower

Centenary Tower is located beside the Valley Lake area and is around 190 meters above sea level that provides 360-degrees panoramic views to the city and its surrounding landscape. It also has a display of various photographs of the Lake`s area which have been captured on 1904. This is the most popular viewpoint in Mount Gambier. And it is also used extensively by fire spotters during the hot summer season. At night, the tower gets illuminated with colourful lights.

Centenary Tower is available Sunday 10 am – 3 pm, weekdays when flag is up.

Entree fee: $2 per person or $5 unlimited pass

4. Cave Gardens Sinkhole

Let’s start with this – what is a sinkhole? Limestone rock, on which the town was built, is extremely porous with up to 50% pore space. The high porosity combined with other factors make the rock very good water-bearing layer and it carries major underground water resources. Gambier Limestone, being very soft, can be sawn for the use as a building stone as well. And limestone provides a suitable medium for the development of sinkholes and caves. Rainwater absorbs carbon dioxide from decaying vegetation on the land surface to form a mild carbonic acid. This solution percolates through cracks and weaknesses in the limestone dissolving calcite (calcium carbonate), the main component of the limestone. These cracks may be enlarged to form underground caverns which eventually collapse, forming steep-sided circular openings known as sinkholes. Many of the sinkholes in this region are a complex of caverns and some are filled with water. These have presented a challenge to scuba divers, with tragic results to several who were ill-prepared for the hazards involved.

Thought this sinkhole is safe. Inside it, the garden is made and it offers a wide array of things to see, do and explore. There are viewing platforms and a trail that brings you down the sinkhole. There is also an evening light show which is free to watch.

Cave Gardens Sinkhole is available daily till 1 am.

Screening times: starting from 8 pm daily.

Entree fee: free

5. Umpherston Sinkhole

Oh, we loved Umpherston Sinkhole! It is also recognized as a Geological Monument, because of significance for scientific study. This sinkhole is one of the most spectacular gardens located in the Mount Gambier region. It is a beautiful sunken garden that offers a perfect setting for visitors to enjoy the day here. And Umpherston Sinkhole comes alive in the dark when hundreds of possums come into this tranquil garden to feed. Viewing platforms, garden itself, terraces behind the hanging vines and flora and fauna here is just amazing!

Umpherston Sinkhole is available daily till 1 am.

Entree fee: free

Umpherston Sinkhole Tour – Guides of Mount Gambier

Tour times: daily, prior booking required. Thursdays 7 pm twilight tours available.

Price: adult $20, child (12 & under) $10

Mount Gambier – this is a place we will definitely remember from Australia. It’s amazing here! So do not rush through this small town, but explore, and you discover so much of beauty here!


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