Let’s Go to Guilin!

Guilin is situated in South of China on the west bank of the Li River and borders Hunan to the north. Here you will see natural beauty along with historic treasures. And don’t forget the pedestrian streets, market, underground shopping centers and all those traditional things you can find there! A great souvenir will be products made from sweet-scented osmanthus (like tea or wine) as the name of Guilin literally means “Forests of Osmanthus”.

And that nature! Large number of fragrant sweet osmanthus trees are growing around the city in its parks. Hills or karsts in different shapes and forms can be seen all over. Bamboo grows, crystal clear waters and spectacular caves!

Party in modern nightclubs, go to a romantic cruise on the Li River, see ethnic shows. Walk along the Li river coast, visit Elephant Trunk Hill and go to Reed Flute Cave! You will always find things to enjoy in Guilin!

Welcome to Yangshuo!

Yangshuo lies 65 kilometres to the southeast of Guilin in the region that is considered to be one of the most beautiful in China. This town differs from others as it is not that crowded, relatively traffic-chaos free and clean.

Here you will find bright local markets where to buy silk products, pottery, stone carvings, Chinese paintings of the local karst scenery and so much more!

Try Yangshuo specialty foods, such as Beer Fish, rice noodles and various glutinous rice cakes. We recommend our favorite noodle shop Gan’s Noodles.

And that nature! Impressive rugged limestone landscape with multi-shaped pinnacles, lush vegetation, caves and pristine rivers. Toiling farmers and lumbering water buffalo. Diverse ethnic minority groups that show their rich traditions. Go bamboo-rafting on the Li or Yulong river, visit ethnic villages, enjoy a bike ride to the natural arch at Moon Hill and try your strength in rock climbing!

Expenses. Remember that every place marked as “scenic area” will have entrance fee (and not that small – starting from ¥40). But it’s easy to find different routes to see those breathtaking views for free. Bicycle rent for a day is ¥20, motorbike goes up to ¥120. Guide services will cost you around ¥200. If you wish to try rock climbing once it will be ¥100, but for all day you will pay ¥350.

Transportation. Guilin is connected to the biggest China’s cities by train, while Yangshuo is easily reachable from Guilin by bus.

The Best Time to Visit. The climate during the spring and fall is the best, not too hot or cold, and the tourism season is not at its peak. Though avoid traveling in Chinese holidays, e.g. 1.10.-7.10.

Have fun!



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