Shenzhen is a new city, established only in 1979, when a group of farming and fishing communities along the Hong Kong border with a total population of a few hundred thousand was designated as China’s Special Economic Zone. The main plan in this territory was to experiment with market reforms without creating a risk to affect political and economic system in other parts of China. And now Shenzhen is one of the fastest-growing cities in the World! It has become home to about 20 million, one third from which is unregistered floating migrant population. Actually, Shenzhen’s population density is the 5th highest in the world. But this city also boasts the highest per capita GDP in China! Probably that is the reason why more than 20 percent of China’s PhD graduates had worked in Shenzhen. People choose this city because of the culture’s tolerance and open-mindedness, and it was even voted China’s Most Dynamic City and the City Most Favored by Migrant Workers in 2014.

Architecture, historical sites, shopping, bars and restaurants. Let’s not forget Shenzhen’s beaches that have become famous throughout China! This city has so much to offer!

Food. As Shenzhen is a migrant city, you can find various China’s regional cuisines here!

Important. Not always your international bank card will be accepted in stores or ATMs. Be careful when receiving the big notes, you can get to some Hong Kong dollars or even fake banknotes.

Transport. Shenzhen metro is the most convenient and easy to get around the city area. Fares are ¥3-8. The ticket has to be bought at the ticket machines, which accept notes of 5 and 10 yuan. There are also city buses – orange ones go shorter distances, green buses take longer routes, and finally – express buses that reach the city borders. Another way to move around the city is cycling. Even if the weather isn`t be the most pleasant for the bicycle ride, it is quite easy to get into local traffic. Cheapest bikes can be found all around city – locals pay 3€ per month to use them by taking the bike from one random place and leaving it in another random place. Only the code to unlock the bicycle tire is needed. Any local can help you with that if you show them the bicycle you have chosen. If you wish more exclusive bicycle, you will need to pay more and find a place where to rent it.

The best time to visit. Shenzhen has a sub-tropical climate with high humidity combined with high temperatures in the summer. Typhoon season is from June to October. Spring is often afflicted by fog and thunderstorms. The best time to visit would be autumn.

Luxurious attractions of Shenzhen include the Chinese Folk Culture Village, Window of the World, Safari Park and Happy Valley Shenzhen amusement park. These places has quite high entrance fee.

Chinese Folk Culture Village is divided in two sections – first – a miniature park of famous Chinese sites like Forbidden City, Terracotta Soldiers, Great Wall of China and others. Other part consists of 56 houses, each representing one of the 56 nationalities in China.

Window of the World, on the other hand, represents miniature world wonders like Egyptian Pyramid, Pisa Tower, Grand Canyon and others. Here you will also see dance shows and enjoy many more activities like, e.g., flume ride.

Shenzhen Safari Park is the first zoo in China to uncage animals. There are more than 300 kinds of wild animals, in total 10,000 from all over the world.

Happy Valley amusement park offers several roller coasters and other activities!

Other interesting places in Shenzhen include Overseas Chinese Town or so called OCT that will show you theme parks, golf courses and eight themed hotels, exhibition center and artificial beach called CoCo Beach.

Go to the Sea World Shekou China, which has many good restaurants with pool tables, live sports on television, and live music Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Walk along Chung Ying Street – a street dividing Shenzhen and Sha Tau Kok, Hong Kong. Take a look at Dongmen district with outside restaurants and rich shopping streets.

Shenzhen is famous in China as being one of its greenest cities. Lianhuasan Mountain Park is Shenzhen’s main and most central park. Lakes, trails and beautiful scenery to the Shenzhen city from the hill top.

Lake of the Immortals Botanical Garden, is considered to be Shenzhen’s most beautiful park. Shenzhen Garden and Flower Exposition Center contains gardens in many different styles, not only Chinese, but from all over the world. Mangrove National Park is a great bird watching paradise. Don’t miss Wutong Mountain National Park and Yangtai Mountain Forest Park with hiking trails and breathtaking beauty.

In the city you will also find different museums and galleries. Enjoy art in Dafen Oil Painting Village or He Xiangning Art Museum. Don`t forget OCT Art and Design Gallery, which Shenzhen is famous for throughout China. And Shenzhen Museum with ancient relics, exhibitions and events of recent Chinese history.

If you wish to see religious buildings, visit Hong Fa Buddhist Temple or Chiwan Tin Hau Temple for the Goddess of Heaven who guards over sailors and fishermen. Also, Dongshan Monastery – a place of the Zen Buddhism in Southern China.

Shenzhen has lots to offer – just choose what you like the most and enjoy this wonderful city!


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