Welcome to Malang!

Malang is the second biggest city in East Java. During the period of Dutch colonization, Malang was a popular destination for European residents. And it has remained quite a popular tourist spot. And, as Malang is quite huge, all of its parts are different, e.g., in the South, it’s possible to find plateau suitable for industry, while in North is a fertile highland, suitable for agriculture. Also, the second longest river of Java is crossing this city. So here you will find nature and city life. Moreover, Malang is surrounded by hill station villages, volcanoes, and mountains – and all is very reachable from here! Our favourite spot in Malang was KAMPUNG WARNA WARNI JODIPAN. Check it out!

Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan is a complex of colourful villages that once were a real slum. Basically, there were people living in old, bad-looking houses by the river, the area itself was unpleasant and smelly. But then came the government project to renovate this place. There was financial support, so houses and the area of the riverside villages were improved. Moreover, there were discussions organized to decide about the design. And locals thought – why not to go with the colours? This is why now you can see bright-colored villages on both sides of the Jembatan Brantas bridge. But on the opposite side, there is a blue village. Yeah, seems that this is the place where rainbows end!

There is an entrance fee in every village of 3.000 IDR. And what to see there? On the walls, there is 3D art, some monuments and “selfie spots” – great for those who love photography. Moreover, locals have opened small eateries in their houses, so you can enjoy the views on the terrace while having a traditional meal. And can you imagine that this place became famous just because of Instagram photos? Come here and see this for yourself!

Up until the 14th century, Malang was a part of the Hindu-Buddhist Kingdom like most of Java, though now majority of Malang residents are Muslims. Malang is also famous for being a center of religious education. Here you will be able to see many Islamic schools and monasteries. The driest month in Malang is August, while the wettest month is January. The hottest months are October and November with an average temperature of 24.3 °C, while the coolest month is July with an average temperature of 22.4 °C. We recommend you to visit Malang when there is not that much rain! Enjoy!


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