Welcome to Ubud!

Ubud is a town, located on Indonesia‘s island of Bali. The name of the town actually comes from Balinese word “ubad” or medicine. In the past, Ubud was an important place to get medicinal herbs and plants, but now it’s the No.1 tourist destination in this island! And no wonder – Ubud is amazing! Temples, waterfalls, rice paddies, mountains, volcanoes and so much more! Even if this is the place where you won’t feel yourself as in a different country because of tourist crowds, Ubud is still a town you shouldn’t miss! Check out our TOP 5 Must-See places in Ubud!

1. Ubud Market and traditional food

Ubud traditional street market is located in the heart of the city and is full of wonderful things. Yeah, you might wish to purchase everything! Traditional musical instruments, handicrafts, jewelry, bright clothing, sculptures, funny bottle openers, key chains, adorable paintings and soooo much more. Yeah, this is a market you can spend all the day in. But remember that you have to bargain! Locals put at least double the price you can get the things for.

Another thing – in Ubud you will find many good places to dine, even inside the market. But our favorite was Warung Komang – wow, this family-owned place is just amazing! And yeah, it’s getting more and more popular among tourists, so keep in mind that there are only four tables. But the food is the best in town and the prices are so friendly! If we would go back to Ubud, this restaurant is one of the reasons.

2. Ubud Royal Palace, Saraswati Temple, and many others

Ubud Royal Palace is a place to see the well-preserved Balinese architecture and charming garden settings. Also, Saraswati Temple and so many others around the town is a remarkable sites to get that tremendous feeling of the old times here. In several temples the shows are organized in the evenings – an hour-long fire show, dancing show or any other that costs from 80.000 up to 100.000 per person. But that is definitely worth the price – colorful costumes, head-spinning music and dances you will never forget!

3. Campuhan Ridge Walk

This is a 2km-long nature trek, which offers spectacular views on the gorgeous hillside, rice fields, and palm-tree growths. And not only – here you will find a beautiful temple, art galleries, many local eateries, and even hotels. Yeah, this is quite different from the busy Ubud center. Campuhan Ridge Walk is a “must” place for the nature lovers!

4. The Sacred Monkey Forest

This place is actually sacred to locals and is conserving area, based on the concept of Tri Hota Karana, a philosophy of Hinduism. In this complex, you will find many temples for different Hindu Gods and also an art gallery. But, let’s be honest, everyone is there for the monkeys! There are around 900 macaques living in this area and, because of the considerable population, the conflicts between groups of monkeys cannot be avoided. Female monkeys weight up till 6kg, while male monkeys weight up till 8kg. The lifespan of male monkey is up to 15 years while female monkey up to 20 years. The monkeys are active during the day and therefore be careful – they can jump on you, try to take your bag etc. It’s not a playground, it’s a sanctuary, so be a responsible visitor. The entrance fee is 50.000 IDR per person.

5. Goa Gajah

This is a significant historical site – a beautiful temple, built as a spiritual place for meditation. Goa Gajan will introduce you to Hindu and Buddhist culture. Here is a cave that contains “lingam” and “yoni”, a symbol of Shiva, and the image of Ganesha, while by the river there are carved images of stupas and “chattra”, imagery of Buddhism. The cave was rediscovered by Dutch archaeologists in 1923 and now is written in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The complex is open daily. There is a sign that women cannot enter the complex during their periods, but who checks that. The entrance fee is 50.000 IDR and the sarong (a scarf that should be worn around the waste if you do not have proper clothing) is included in the price.

Bali’s heart – yeah, that’s Ubud! And not only nature and monuments, but also the Balinese culture you will see here will surprise you. Colourful handicrafts, magnificent sculptures, woodcarvings and textiles, paintings and jewelry. Interesting museums and the best art galleries. This is a place you will never forget!


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