Welcome to Batu!

Batu is a hill station in Java island, 20 km North-West from Malang, the second biggest city in East Java. This is a wonderful place to take a breath from Indonesia’s heat. The highest point of Batu is almost 2 000 metres above the sea, so here you can enjoy amazing views and many outdoor activities! Moreover, this is a real tourist spot because of many attractions around. You will need quite a while to see everything that is around here, though we can show you what did we manage to see here during our two-day stay. Take a look!


This is a wonderful pine forest up in the mountains. The entrance fee in this place is 5.000 IDR and for that, you can explore beautiful park and get on viewing platforms to see the valley. Wow! Moreover, there is a small monument park inside Goa Pinus – air balloon, boat to heaven, straw houses and many more. From the viewing spots, you will be able to see rice fields, bamboo growths and clouds taking over the hills. This is really a magical place!


When you reach the end of the path in Goa Pinus park, there will be another park called Papua House with the same entrance fee of 5.000 IDR. This is a smaller complex where you will be able to see traditional Papua houses, get a coffee in the small hut with an amazing view on the valley or be brave and step on the viewing platform that is actually located just above the valley. Yeah, this is for those who aren’t scared of heights – as we saw – not many dare to get on the platform. But the feeling is amazing!


These two parks are located on the hilltop opposite the Goa Pinus. At first, you have to pay the entrance fee of 10.000 IDR just to get on the top of this hill. Then you will finally see the Batu from the top. There is quite a huge area as a viewing site and many local restaurants to enjoy the meal by the view of a beautiful valley. And then there are two parks just beside. Each of them has a separate entrance fee of 10.000 IDR. Oman Kayu is a wooden house on a platform above the valley and Taman Langit is a park with different monuments that are being lit when it’s dark. Both places offer the same breathtaking views on the valley.


If you are already in the area, labyrinth Coban Rondo is also reachable by a bit of hiking. There is a maze garden with 2-meter high walls, so you can challenge yourself to get through that! Though the entrance fee is higher here. For the locals, it’s 35.000 IDR and for foreigners 100.000 IDR. During the low season employees might be ok that foreigners pay the same fee as the locals, but not always you can rely on it.

*If you are in Batu, use the green minivan to get as close as possible to these four places!


Coban Talun is 75 meter-high waterfall in the village of Tulungrejo. To see this beautiful waterfall you have to pay 10.000 IDR and then follow the trail down the hill for around 15 minutes. In the case of rain the trail can be muddy and slippery, so be careful! In the end, you will reach an area with small restaurants and rocky grounds where to sit and enjoy the waterfall sounds. But remember – nature has to be appreciated, taken care of and respected! It is sad to see such garbage around. We are all a part of nature, so it’s everyone`s duty to encourage others around not to leave a mess!


And just a bit to the North from the path to the waterfall you will find Oyot complex with an entrance fee of 5.000 IDR. Here you will be able to find many “selfie spots” – great if you are a photo-shoot lover! And also view on the Coban Talun Dam. The interesting part is that it is possible to use one funny thing as the air bicycle here. 15.000 IDR and you can get on the bike that is hanging on the ropes in front of the waterfall. Scary though! Apart from that the Oyot complex itself is amazing – flower gardens, viewing platforms, all the necessary facilities.

*If you are in Batu, use the orange minivan to get as close as possible to these two places!

And then… There are still so many places to visit around Batu!

*Coban Rais – a 20-metre-high waterfall that offers breathing views.

*Coban Putri – a waterfall you can actually swim in!

*Tumpak Sewu – a waterfall that is being called the Niagara of Indonesia.

*Madakaripura – Java’s tallest waterfall.

*Sumber Pitu – several waterfall complex

*Batu Night Spectacular – a complex that is hosting 25 zones of attractions

*Selecta Recreational Park – very complete recreational park with an amazing flower garden!

*Thermal Baths Cangar – thermal pools that are not only for a lazy day in the water but also a place to enjoy the scenery

*Batu Secret Zoo – a place to get to know Indonesian animals.

And these are just a few places to see in Batu. Yeah, this is a wonderful destination. We are sure you will not regret being here!

Batu lies on a slope of several mountains, some of which are Mount Anjasmoro (2277 m), Mount Arjuno (3339 m), Mount Welirang (3156 m). This town is surrounded by agricultural land, and in the 19th century, Dutch developed Batu as a mountain resort. The driest month here is August, while the wettest is January. The hottest month is October with an average 22.2 °C, while the coolest month is August with an average 11.4 °C. We recommend you to visit this place when it’s not that rainy! Enjoy!


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