Welcome to Kuala Lumpur!

Kuala Lumpur – one of the most developed cities in Asia and the heart of Malaysia. Such a diversity, culture, history, such an exotic place! Of course, there are many amazing sites to visit in this huge city, but here are some that will truly give you the glance at the real life of Malaysia! Check out our Top 10 Must – See in Kuala Lumpur!

1. Petronas Twin Towers

You shouldn’t skip the icon of Kuala Lumpur! Yes, Petronas Twin Towers still are the tallest twins in the world. They are also in the list of world’s top 20 tallest skyscrapers! The majority of the buildings is taken up by offices, but there is still lots to see! Go shopping in Suria KLCC, participate in free art classes in Petronas Art Gallery, have a tasty traditional meal, watch Malay movie in the cinema and enjoy the view from double-decked Skybridge that joins the two towers together, discovering breathtaking scenery!

Entrance Fee: 80 MYR

2. Kuala Lumpur City Center Park (KLCC Park)

This park is just besides Petronas Twin Towers and offers green area that stretches over 20 hectares. Here you will find walking trails that will bring you around the lake, sculptures, pool and fountains with the water show twice daily.

Entrance Fee: Free

3. Menara KL Tower

Menara KL Tower with its 300 metres height is the 7th tallest freestanding tower in the world! And not only – this is also the tallest communications tower in Southeast Asia, as well as Islamic astronomy observatory and a base jump center. Get up the viewing deck that is 276 metres above the ground and catch panoramic views on Kuala Lumpur! In the area of the tower you will find other attractions like Upside-down House and Mini Zoo.

Entrance Fee:

Menara Tower Observation Deck 49 MYR

Menara Tower Sky Deck 99 MYR

Upside-down House 20 MYR

Mini Zoo 29 MYR

 4. KL Forest Eco Park or Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve

This is one of the oldest forest reserves in Malaysia. And it is right here in Kuala Lumpur! This millions-of-years-old rainforest includes many hiking trails, bridges and viewing decks. You will be able to walk in bamboo growths, see the city skyline and the top of the KL Tower while being alone with the nature!

Entrance Fee: Free

5. Masjid Negara National Mosque

This is a very important mosque for Malays and a great place to get to know Malay Muslim culture. Masjid Negara is a huge structure with 74-metre-high minaret that is used to issue daily calls for prayer. 15 thousand people fit in this enormous building! There are specific visiting hours in National Mosque. Before entering it, you will be given a robe, so don’t worry about inappropriate clothes. Take off your shoes and take a step in the sacred halls. Most likely there will be volunteers waiting to introduce you to the culture of Malay Muslims. There are also loads of free brochures and some books to read. If you enter the mosque at the visiting hours, stay longer and see prayer from the corner of the main hall.

Entrance Fee: Free

6. Central Market Pasar Seni

This is a place to buy some of the traditional souvenirs and try out fresh juices and Malay food. Also known as Pasar Seni, this market has indoor shopping centre with handicrafts, local art and wood carvings, as well as outside shopping streets with street performers, musical shows and sellers that will offer you whatever you desire.

Entrance Fee: Free

7. Merdeka Square

Beautiful green-grass square where Malaysia’s independence was officially announced. Lay down on the grass and take a look at the famous buildings that are all around the square like Sultan Abdul Samad building and St Mary’s Anglican Cathedral. Huge Malay flag fluttering in the wind and tourists admiring the views that this place can offer. Don`t miss it!

Entrance Fee: Free

8. Little India and China Town

Malaysia has large number of Indian and Chinese nationals, and therefore you will be able to find specific areas which Indians and Chinese have turned to their natural environment and place that reminds them of home, freezing their culture there. Little India is located near the KL Sentral. Streets full of Indian clothes, hygiene products, jewelry, food stalls and religious attributes. China Town is located around Petaling Street. And again – there will be market with Chinese delicacies and different products, as well as Chinese cultural attractions.

Entrance Fee: Free

9. Batu Caves

A bit outside the city, but still reachable by metro, Batu Caves is something you will be surprised of. These are caves in a limestone hill where several temples are made inside. This is not only place for tourists, but also Hindu devotees. The main cave is guarded by huge Hindu God’s statue, temples inside and outside the cave are just spectacular. There are also markets and local restaurants to enjoy. Let’s not forget about rock climbing in different routes, also flora and fauna to see like wild monkeys and bats in the Dark Cave.

Entrance Fee: Various in different caves

10. Pisang or Banana Waterfall

This place is less known by tourists, but there are some locals that offer the tours to Pisang Waterfall, which (in translation from Malay language) means “Banana waterfall”. You can reach it by your own using LRT and exiting in Gombak Gram station. After take Grab for 16 MYR. There still will be quite a hike till the waterfall. You can choose to go by the highway or trough jungle. It could be a bit difficult if you are not accompanied with a local, but others around will help with directions. We recommend this place for you to be able to experience a bit more of the nature, of natural, far away from foreigners.

Entrance Fee: Free

In the capital city of Malaysia you will be able to experience such a diversity! Malay, Indian, Chinese and indigenous cultures mixing together and introducing the visitor with this special vibe on every corner! From traditional to modern, from nature to skyscrapers. Enjoy Kuala Lumpur!


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