Kuala Lumpur is a lively city, with a diverse range of experiences on offer, from world-class shopping malls to quaint local markets. Covering this Malaysian city in full is a mighty feat, so travelers should take advantage of the city`s vast and efficient public transportation system to get the best out of the city`s offerings. Happy traveling!

KL Sentral

If you`re looking to travel around this city using trains and buses, KL Sentral will be the main place, to familiarize yourself with. It serves as the main station that allows travelers to interconnect between almost all train lines. Make sure to map out route to this station from where you`re staying to guarantee a smooth transit within the city.

This is also the most accessible station in terms of getting tourist information, with an incredibly helpful information counter in the center (all staff can speak English), and even a Tourism Malaysia outlet to help out with any further questions.



The brand new Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) line runs through the Kuala Lumpur city center, providing direct access to tourist spots such as National Museum and Central Market. A train line is also a great option for shoppers as it provides direct access to malls, and even has a station in Bukit Bintang, the shopping and entertainment hub of Kuala Lumpur.

Most major stations have a large network of underground tunnels and bus services that connect them to the surrounding facilities, just grab a map and ask the friendly staff on duty to help you map out your route.

MRT Hotline: 1 800 82 6868


Not as conveniently available within the KL city center, the KTM Komuter system caters more to the local residents of the city rather than tourists. However, it does provide travelers with a much cheaper travel option to the beautiful Batu Caves, which is otherwise only reachable by taking a tour bus or taxi to the location, either of which can be rather costly. A trip from KL Sentral to Batu Caves will cost about 2 MYR one-way, and upon arrival at the Batu Caves, just walk across the car park to get to the main entrance.

Contact number: +603-2267 1200

Go KL City Bus

Easily the best option to get around KL as a traveler right now is via the GO KL City Bus. It`s a free city bus service with four routes that cover most of the major tourist spots. Of Kuala Lumpur, which includes Bukit Bintang, Chinatown, and KLCC. These pink buses are hard to miss and can be boarded at any of its stops, and has a frequency rate of about 15 minutes – with each bus fully air-conditioned and equipped with free Wi-Fi.

Operating hours:

  • Mon-Thurs: 6 am to 11 pm
  • Fri-Sat: 6 am to 1 am
  • Sun: 7am to 11pm

Hotline: 1 800 88 7723

RapidKL Bus

The other major public bus service, the RapidKL Bus, is generally not as encouraged as a mode of transportation for non-locals, given their erratic scheduling.  The best way to approach taking a RapidKL bus is to board them at a train station, after having previously established and mapped out your route with the information counter or with the bus drivers themselves. These buses usually cost up to 3 MYR and can either be paid in exact change or through tapping your TouchnGo card twice, once upon entering and another upon alighting.

On weekdays and Saturdays, the buses are operating from 6.00am to 11.00pm, on Sundays and public holidays from 6.00am to 12.00pm

Contact Number: +603-8946 2000

KL Hop-On Hop-Off

If you have limited time but you would like to cover a diverse extent of Kuala Lumpur and get a quick overnight of the major tourist hotspots in one-go, KL Hop On Hop Off (KL HoHo) is the excellent choice. KL HoHo offers an opportunity for visitors to tour around KL on a double-decker in purple and pink bus with just one ticket. KL HoHo is convenient for a short stop and overnight travelers as it provides map and guides and equipped with nine different languages. With 23 stops which cover more than 70 attractions, the bus arrives every 20 to 30 minutes. They operate every day year-round even on school and public holidays. A 24-hour ride costs 55 MYR, 48-hour ride is 95 MYR.

Ticket Purchase: KL HoHo official website, in the bus, authorized agents and hotel

Contact Number: +603-9282 2713


The Light Rail Transit (LRT) system is the most widely used of the light public transportation systems and will be your best bet to get to most areas of KL that aren`t immediately within the city center. Most stations are located in popular areas in KL and serve as a good mid-way point to pair using the LRT with walking a slight distance or grabbing a taxi/ride-hail car to their destination.

Contact Number:  03-7885 2585

Taxi/Ride-hailing apps

Taxis in Malaysia have a notorious reputation for not using their meter and tricking individuals into paying exorbitant costs. Many Malaysians have mostly forgone the use of taxis in favor of ride-hailing apps such as Grab, as rates are easier to track and allow online card payment through the app. Most popular locations even have designated pick-up spots for users of these apps. If necessary, it is advised to use a taxi with caution. Before boarding the taxi, ask if the driver can use the meter. If the driver tries to barter, politely decline and move on to find another taxi. The stand fare for taxis are 3 MYR, for the first 1 km and subsequent 150 meters is 0.10 MYR, and need to be paid in cash only.

KLIA Express

Solely for traveling to and from the airport, this non-stop airport transfer travels between Kuala Lumpur International Airports (KLIA and KLIA2) and the city center (KL Sentral). The service provides free porter service at platforms and high-speed Wi-Fi onboard. Trains depart every 15 minutes during peak hours and have a travel time below 30 minutes. Though these are more costly than the airport buses. If the airport bus is 12 MYR then the KLIA Express is around 60 MYR.

KL By Cycle

What does it feel like to tour the picturesque sites of Kuala Lumpur on two wheels? Well, now you can rent a city bicycle at Kuala Lumpur City Gallery and tour a designated route that is filled with interesting sights and attractions in Kuala Lumpur. It`s a fun and safe biking experience as the bicycles are comfortable and easy to use. There are two packages that you can choose: the free and easy ride and the guided bike tour.

Address: No 27, Jalan Raja, Dataran Merdeka, 50050 Kuala Lumpur

Tel No:  +603 2691 1382


  • Free and easy ride – 30 MYR first 4 hours, 5 MYR per hour for additional hours
  • Group – 45 MYR per person (min 8 persons, max 12 persons)

Opening hours: 9 am – 6 pm

/Information taken from KL Guide. First Free Travel Guide in Malaysia/


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