Russian culture, traditions and everyday life is rich and various. And there are so many things to learn from Russians! Here is our list of Top-5 habits that make Russians healthy. Check them out and see if some are just perfect for you!

1. Tea drinking

After visiting Russia we are sure that this is the first country in the World in terms of tea consumption. Tea for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tea in celebrations and as a refreshment between meals. But this is a great habit to learn from Russians! Firstly, tea contains antioxidants that protect us from damage of different pollution. Many studies have shown that tea reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. Also, tea can tune up immune cells so they reach their targets quicker. Tea improves bone mineral density and strength. Just remember that real tea is derived from a plant Camellia sinensis and includes only four varieties: green, black, white, and oolong. Herbal “tea” is an infusion of a different plant and isn’t technically tea. Though herbal teas also have different positive effects like, e.g., ginger tea can calm nausea. Basically, tea has amazing benefits and, moreover, drinking tea is the way you’re able to hydrate with something healthy and tasty.

2. Sauna time!

Oh, this is one healthy practice not only Russians have, but we can learn from them for sure! Saunas have been used for long because of their benefits of cleansing and relaxation. There are two types of saunas as we call them: dry ones and wet ones (wet saunas can be called steam rooms as well). Dry saunas use dry heat produced from a stove or hot rocks. Here the temperature reaches up to 100°C with very low humidity. Wet saunas or steam rooms involve moist heat. Here temperature reaches 50°C with almost 100 percent relative humidity. When entering sauna, the heart rate goes up and this process improves blood circulation. The heat in sauna relaxes the muscles, helps to reduce tension in the joints, also reduces stress. Studies show that saunas help in case of chronic pain and arthritis. It speeds up the body’s natural healing process by soothing aches and pains. What a wonder, isn’t it? And that’s not it! During the sweating process, the skin is cleansed and dead skin cells are replaced. Though remember that you lose a lot of sweat in a short period of time, so drink plenty of water! Also, sauna is not for everyone – consult your doctor in case if you have any heart disease, breathing problems, very high or low blood pressure.

3. Soup for a meal

Not only tea, Russians love soup as well. Oh, and there are so many kinds of soups – hot soups, cold ones, broths and cream soups. You can have different soup every day at least for a month! And eating soups can bring lots of good things to your body. Soup can help you to consume the necessary amount of vegetables that can lower the risk of cancer, high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease. Soup fills your stomach, but it gives fewer calories than hard food, so it can actually help you to lose weight if needed. Though in this case you should better choose broth-based soups. By eating soup you can also keep your hydration level up! And finally, soup making won’t require you a lot of money or special cooking skills!

4. It’s a joke!

Yeah, seems that Russians have an anecdote for every situation in life. And that’s a good thing! Laughter has unbelievable effect on our body. You have probably heard that laughter is the best medicine! And it’s true! Laughter strengthens your immune system, diminishes pain, protects you from the damaging effects of stress and gives you a good mood as well! Laughter activates body’s natural relaxation response and studies have shown that by laughing it’s possible to deal with depression. By laughing, you can release endorphins – body’s natural painkiller, which can help to ease chronic pain.

Can you imagine that a good anecdote can improve the function of your blood vessels and increase blood flow, which can help to protect you against a heart attack? Another benefit of laughter – it can help you tone your abs. Laughter stops distressing emotions, it helps you to relax and draws you closer to others.

Do not take things in life too seriously and laugh at your own mistakes! Share anecdote, share smile and laughter – it will definitely make you not only happier, but also healthier!

5. A shot of vodka

For sure Russians are capable of drinking vodka. But this time we have to tell you that a shot of vodka is actually not that bad! Initially vodka wasn’t used as a party drink, but as a medicine! Vodka is a great disinfectant, antitoxin and antiseptic. Vodka is perfect facial and skin cleanser, also, rubbed in the body it can reduce headaches and fever. Vodka drinking increases blood-flow that prevents heart diseases. It also helps to lower the cholesterol, reduces blood sugar levels. So think about a vodka shot in the morning or use it for your body! Cheers!

Learn from the World! Learn from the people! We hope that these Russian habits will help you to tune up your own health!


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