This is TRAVELING. You must know these 6 truths about traveling!

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This is TRAVELING. You must know these 6 truths about traveling!

This is TRAVELING. You must know these 6 truths about traveling!

Travel pictures usually show so much excitement – it seems that traveling is a fairy tale – sea, sun, smiles, and cocktails. But traveling is so much more than an ordinary rest in a foreign land!

1. Traveling is PLANNING

More precisely, effective traveling is planning. We have visited maximum places with minimal means, only thanks to the planning. No doubt that a spontaneous journey around the world could be exciting, but planning is, however, closely related to safety, which, along with health, is the most important condition for a successful trip. Each step begins with some kind of aim to reach, a way to achieve it, and all the other details. On our tour around the world, planning took the most important place. We gathered information on safety in each country, potential natural disasters, places to visit. Also, it is much more interesting to travel with at least a little knowledge of the specific place – when you actually know how and why everything is built and looks in a certain way. Of course, it’s not possible to prepare for everything as it is not always possible to follow the plan. And this is exactly why the plan is made – in order to be able to step away from it and still be prepared.

2. Traveling is MOVING

How is it possible to travel to so many countries and so many places (see About Us section) in just seventeen months? It’s possible by being in constant movement in this changing environment. Traveling doesn’t mean long relaxation in a restaurant or bar watching a football match. Traveling isn’t laying on the beach. It is a continuous exploration of new places, contact with people, animals, and nature. Traveling is mastering everything new that comes on the way. Traveling is a real adventure!

3. Traveling is OPENING UP

This is definitely an opening up to all the new. It is a complete and rapid adaptation. You should not compare, nor condemn the place where you are or people you meet for the life they are living. Every corner of the world has its own charm. And the more open you are, the more you will be able to catch those world’s miracles. Stereotyping and denial completely block the new knowledge. Open up the mind and heart to the unusual environment! And then you will be able to see the real world, then you will understand what is “guts” or that inner feeling that brings the traveler forward and always protects.

Open up to the world and realize that every way of life is beautiful if the right choices are made. If one door is closed, don’t break in them – a better possibility is waiting just around the corner. Everything in this world has its own reason, its own purpose. Open up even to those small accidents that can happen quite often when traveling, because there is definitely a reason for them to happen, too. Perhaps those are just life’s directions to the right path.

4. Traveling is LEARNING

When traveling, the desire to know more and more is definitely increasing. Traveling is a continuous learning process. Learning from the places you visit, learning from the locals who share their stories. Learning from new tastes, smells, and sounds. It is learning from the experiences, misfortunes, and moments of admiration. And traveling is not just seeing, not just checking out the countries to say “I’ve been there”. It is feeling. Each place has its own energy. So beautiful is the silence at the highest peak of the volcano and such splendid chaos can be felt in the busy cities! And the best is that you can learn from all that!


You should remember that everyone leaves some traces, even you. And everyone must strive to leave only the positive. Each nation’s culture must be respected by adapting to it if you are a guest and never judged. Nature needs to be nurtured, not destroyed by thinking “one small action won’t change anything”. Remember that it can be both the best friend and the worst enemy.

Everything in the world is connected, and every action has consequences. You can never know how much impact you leave on the random passerby. Maybe your smile gives a day of joy to a stranger. Perhaps one “thank you” changes opinions. Perhaps the least important “yes” or “no” is able to change other`s perceptions of things. Isn’t it surprising?

6. Traveling is SHARING

It`s sharing with everything that has been experienced and understood. It would be foolish to gain so much knowledge of the world and keep it secret. Traveling is not just learning, but also teaching. It is not just receiving but also giving. Even by spending money on travel, you can only become richer. And what do we save the money for, if not for those beautiful moments, experiences, and knowledge? And it’s all reachable by traveling. It gives an experience that nobody can take away from you. Let’s not collect photos that remain unreviewed and let’s not collect souvenirs that are covered by dust on the shelf! Let’s save the moments, enrich our world, by being in harmony with nature and all the living around!