Welcome to Mui Ne!

Hey, if you are in Southern Vietnam and you are there for the beach – choose Mui Ne! Mui Ne is a geographical cape, located in the city of Phan Thiet, and a wonderful beach destination. This small town offers a wide variety of activities, relaxing options, places to stay and to enjoy the most unusual seafood. Check out our TOP 5 MUST-SEE PLACES IN MUI NE, VIETNAM!

1. The Sand Dune

The second-most-special or even the main site that tourists come to see in Mui Ne is the sand dune that will bring you to a Vietnamese desert. This desert zone goes far across the region, but here is one of the best spots, where it’s possible to climb up the dunes and get amazing views on the sunset. You will find the White Sand Desert and the Red Sand Desert around the town. There you can walk from one to the other and spend the whole day catching amazing pics!

It’s interesting that here the locals are offering to rent their simply-made sled that actually is a piece of plastic with the help of which many goes down the dune just like we go down a snowcapped mountain.

2. The Fairy Stream

The Fairy Stream is another place you definitely shouldn’t skip. This is a small, warm river stream that flows zigzagging between the ​​red dunes, amazing sand formations, bamboo forest and palm trees. You will find an official road signs on the Mui Ne road and stairs down the stream. People are actually removing their shoes and continuing their walk in the water as it is shallow and warm. We didn’t find any snakes, crocodiles and leeches either. When you reach a certain point, you will be asked to pay 15.000 VND as you are a foreigner. But if you enter the stream on the opposite side, you can avoid the fee.

At the very end of the stream you will find a nice waterfall and the stairs that will lead you out on the road. On the way you will find many food stalls selling tasty dishes and refreshments. Notice that at the end of the stream the water becomes deeper, but at any place you can exit the stream trough the riverfront restaurants.

3. Beach and party

Of course, if you have reached the beach destination, then go to the beach! There is a cape of sandy beach called Bai Bien Tu Lam, but it is a bit far from Mui Ne. If you wish to reach it, grab one of many town’s buses that pass by very frequently and pay 16.000 VND for the ticket. In Mui Ne itself the sea shore is full of the fisherman, but a bit outside you will find many beach resorts. What we did – we just simply took two sunbeds in one big resort and nobody didn’t even notice that we are not actually staying here. We just entered from the shore and pretended to be one of the residents. It did work! Or just take a towel and lay down in a random spot, there are some around. In the evening many restaurants offer live music concerts, beer is as cheap as 9.000 VND per Saigon green bottle. As for restaurants – there are so many of them! Our favorite was Phap Duyen vegetarian restaurant where every dish had the same price of 25.000 VND. Though if you do not choose the most popular foods here, you might better take a beer as preparation of food may take a long time.

4. Mui Ne Cape

If you have arrived to Mui Ne, do not skip the same Mui Ne Cape! This actually isn’t that popular place among tourists, but we found it very beautiful and calm. You need to reach the centre of the Mui Ne town where every bus stops and then follow the small road through local houses towards the cape. Even if at one point the road ends, there are small paths over the dune till the very coastline. And then – wow – you will be all alone with the nature and sea. The best is to get there in the afternoon to see the huge ships all together going for fishing. The views are indescribable. And then there will be the most beautiful sunset, on the background of round local boats floating in the water. Besides that you can visit churches and Chua Linh Long temple and see Buddhist rituals there. Locals haven’t seen tourists often here, so children would run out of the house just to say “Hello” and some would invite you for a table game or even a drink. We were the lucky ones and got free drinks and seafood in a local fishermen company.

5. Mui Ne Fishing Village Market and Fishing Harbour

Here you will be able to get to know the variety of fresh sea food just gotten from the local fishermen and processed by their wives. There will be tables and chairs besides the bowls of live fish, crabs, clams, scallops and many other sea creatures. Can you imagine the price – 50.000 VND per kilogram. Wow, we had never seen something that great, fresh, tasty and cheap! In the harbour you will be able to find fishermen offering the ride in their round-shaped boats for some small fee. And the view on the coastline with those boats is also amazing. Just a beautiful place in this remarkable town. Enjoy!

There is a story that in 1995 the scientists gave the announcement that the province of Binh Thuan was the only place in the entire country where it would be possible to see the solar eclipse, so huge amount of people traveled to this place. And it is said that this was the exact time when the tourism in Binh Thuan, and especially in Phan Thiet and Mui Ne started to blossom. Now Mui Ne is a popular tourist spot and no wonder. Come and make sure of it’s magic yourself!


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