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New Zealand. Something one couldn`t imagine existed. That scenery! It is like being in a totally different world of the landscape by far beautiful than the one reflected in the fairytales and dramatic science fiction movies. Therefore the Lord of the Rings was taken here! Endless mountain ranges drop down in the deepest canyons. Glaciers surrounding turquoise-blue streams and labyrinth of walking trails that lead visitors through spectacular earth formations that seem just impossible… New Zealand attracts many – it is a perfect land to enjoy nature, and to gain adrenaline in any season – here you can try mountain climbing, rafting, snowboarding, bungee-jumping and so much more! The land is so sparsely populated that you will find a perfect spot just for yourself, at the same time there are loads of fun, amazing food and wine, and warm-hearted locals in the populated towns and cities. Beaches, forests, and fiords are revealing ancient Maori culture with pounamu rock handcrafts and haka expressive war dance. Even if you come here after visiting the rest of the world, you will see that New Zealand is something special, something unique!