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United Arab Emirates is a fascinating country. Each Emirate is very special, and you most probably have heard of those of Abu Dhabi and Dubai – the world`s most spectacular architecture, inventions, and exclusiveness. Well, that`s not it! UAE has lots to offer from the best Middle East cuisine to spectacular desert landscapes and seaside adventures. Don`t worry! This country isn`t that strict as you might imagine. Of course, there are a couple of rules you should obey that may seem unusual for you, but – hey – this is a totally different culture which is worth discovering! So many foreigners have chosen this place as their home, and there is definitely a reason for that! If you wish to experience that “wow” effect – you have to visit United Arab Emirates – the third richest country in the world that is still available even for those on the budget! See our TOP 13 things to know before you go to UAE – and enjoy this spectacular visit!