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Kanbula National Forest Park, Qinghai

Kanbula National Forest Park, Qinghai, China

An Oasis by the Name of Kanbula!

The untouched beauty of Kanbula National Forest Park in Qinghai Province is a hidden gem awaiting your exploration! The desert landscape surrounding Tongren reaches its zenith within this national park, where vibrant crimson mountains converge with the serene turquoise expanse of a reservoir, formed by the damming of the Yellow River. A road that triggers nervous anticipation winds its way up through the park’s summits, passing by tranquil Tibetan villages adorned with lively prayer flags, fluttering proudly in the brisk breeze. Embark on a journey of wonder as you traverse through lush meadows, tranquil lakes, and rugged mountains! The reserve boasts a diverse range of flora and fauna, showcasing the unspoiled natural habitat of countless species. Whether you’re a passionate photographer, a devoted birdwatcher, or simply seeking solace in nature, Kanbula National Forest Park has something for everyone!

How to reach Kanbula National Forest Park?

Xining to Kanbula National Forest Park. First, go to Xining Central Bus station and tell them you want to reach the park. They will say – there are no buses going to this park. So, you tell them you want to get out in Yashigazhen 牙什尕镇 (a village nearby). They will be sending you to Jainca County (the village you want will be on the way). You can get on the bus to Jainca County, but let the driver know you’re going to Kanbula, and he’ll drop you off approximately 7 km away from the park’s entrance, the same Yashigazhen or 牙什尕镇 in Chinese.

Taxis are available to transport you for ¥10 per person to the park’s entrance from there. To find a taxi, you need to walk two/three crossroads ahead of the place bus driver lets you out of the bus. Remember that the final return bus is at around 4.30 p.m., so keep in mind this time to avoid being stranded. (The timetable can vary depending on the season).

Now you have reached the entrance of the park. They say Kanbula National Forest Park provides buses that cost up to ¥200 per person (it’s a long way to drive around the park). But the best option (if there are at least two of you visiting the park) is getting a taxi driver and negotiating the price for a tour. We paid ¥300 in total for a tour through the park (3-hour ride) and an additional ¥40 for getting from the taxi stand to the park and back (each way¥20). Exchange WeChat contacts with your driver in case you decide to spend a little bit more time to appreciate one of the viewpoints or in case you want him/her to pick you up at the other end of one of many staircases that traverse the park.

Opening times: 8:00-18:00 (but your last bus back to Xining is at 4:30!)

Entrance fee: ¥45 per person (the park bus and boat tour is not included). The boat will cost ¥100 per person and the park bus (which we didn’t see at all during our tour!!!) is ¥200 per person.

What to see in Kanbula National Forest Park?

If you’re with a driver, he’ll already know where to bring you. The first attraction is Lijiaxia Dam. Then little by little you’ll get up in the mountain and stop by many pavilions and sightseeing platforms. The stairs will lead you inside the park. The last pavilion is a bit tricky. The driver didn’t tell us that we didn’t need to climb all the stairs down the mountain and come back as we’d go down the hill by car later on. So… We did climb 20 minutes down the stairs, discovered the stunning Danxia land formation, and climbed all those steps back. Got into the car and the driver brought us to the same place we had just visited walking. He was shocked and we were shocked even more. But still, we’re there for the experience!

Just to remind you – you won’t be able to get around the park on foot, it’s a long ride even by car. But you will be able to find drivers that bring tourists around the park (in the town the bus driver drops you off), and they will stop by the best spots!



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