Welcome to Visakhapatnam!

Visakhapatnam, also known as Vizag, previously called Waltair, is the financial capital of Andhra Pradesh state and the most populous city here. Visakhapatnam is home to the oldest shipyard and the only natural harbour on the east coast of India. And the port here is the fifth-busiest cargo port in the country, Visakhapatnam is also home to the headquarters of the Indian Navy’s Eastern Command. The city has developed only in recent years, and now attracts tourists with its unspoiled beaches and cleanness when compared to other places in India. Here are our Top 5 Must-See Places in Visakhapatnam!

1. Kailasagiri Park

Kailasagiri is a hill top park that overlooks beaches, forests and the city itself. This is a nice place to spend the day in. Enjoy a long walk in tree alleys and experience the panoramic views! Take a look at huge idols of Lord Shiva and Parvathi and visit the temples located in the park territory. Try traditional food in the food stalls and go horse-riding! This is a very well maintained and clean park, there are lots of flora and fauna to see, especially birds. Therefore, Kailasagiri is definitely one of the “musts” in Visakhapatnam!

2. Beaches and the Beach Road

Visakhapatnam is famous for its unspoiled, relatively clean beaches that are not crowded and not touristy. Here you will find Ramakrishna beach, Tenneti Park beach, Sagar Nagar beach, Rushikonda beach and many more. Beaches are usually visited by locals during the evenings, so during the day they are all yours! Starting from afternoon locals will also do horse-riding and enjoying food in the food stalls. Shopping centres and museums are near, and don’t forget about the harbor!

The ride along the Beach Road will let you pass by beautiful shore and offer breathtaking views on the palm plantations and hills around. Enjoy the natural beauty and a peaceful day!

3. VUDA Park

Parks in Visakhapatnam are green and clean. VUDA Park, located near the beach, is also a popular attraction in the city. Here you will find musical waterfall, flora clocks, skating ring and playgrounds for kids. Visit also the light house and take a boat ride!

4. Appikonda Beach and Visakhapatnam Steel Plant territory

Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, known also as Vizag Steel is steel producer, the second largest steel plant in India, and the largest single-site plant here. And why to visit it? The steel plant has its own territory like a separate city. Here you will find living areas, temples (that are made as miniature replicas of famous Indian temples in the main cities), schools, restaurants. It is amazingly interesting to see this separate community that doesn’t even need to go those couple kilometres to Visakhapatnam as they have everything here. And they have even their own beach Appikonda! It is more abandoned, you will meet mostly fishermen and school kids here. It’s also possible to get on top of the cliff on the shore and visit the temple here , see panoramic views on the coast. Peaceful place that not everyone knows about.

5. Araku Valley

Araku Valley is a hill station, a bit further from Visakhapatnam, but reachable by bus or by train. If you are in Vizag, do not miss Araku Valley! Enjoy sightseeing, trekking, caving and waterfalls. Stalagmite formation in different shapes you will find in Borra Caves. Katiki Waterfalls, Chaparai Water Cascade and Sangda Waterfalls will show you another type of beauty. Do not miss the Padmapuram Botanical Garden, coffee plantations and Tribal Museum that will give you an insight into the tribal life. From Galikonda View Point you will see the endless mountains and green forests. This is a place for nature lovers!

Enjoy Visakhapatnam, enjoy everything that is around! Unspoiled and still undiscovered beauty of India. While it hasn’t become a tourist hub, get in touch with the nature!


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