Welcome to Kandy!

Kandy – a major city in Sri Lanka, which was once the last capital of the ancient kings’ era. Kandy is built on hills and surrounded by tea plantations so it’s a wonderful place to visit. Check out our Top 5 Must-See Places in Kandy!

1. Sri Dalada Maligawa Temple and Royal Palace

Sri Dalada Maligawa Temple or the Temple of the Tooth is Buddhist temple, located in the Royal Palace complex of the former Kingdom of Kandy. The temple is considered to be one of the holiest places in Sri Lanka. The Royal Palace, known as Mahawàsala, was the royal residence of the Sri Lankan monarchy of the Kingdom of Kandy. Once this was a large palace complex that included the King’s Palace, Queen`s Palace, Royal Audience Hall, King’s Harem Quarters and Queen’s Bathing Pavilion (that is a small island in the middle of Kandy lake) and the Temple of the Tooth.

Entrance Fee: 1500 LKR and 100 LKR for shoe keeping.

2. Giant Buddha`s Statue

Giant Buddha is overlooking the city from the top of the Bahirawa Kanda hill. Buddha in the statue is seated in Nirvana pose, there are also pictures of other Sri Lankan Buddha’s statues along with explanations of their postures and heights inside the temple. Though this is one of the highest Buddha`s in all the island. It is possible to see the statue from entire city of Kandy. And it is also possible to see the panoramic views of the city from the hill or even from the statue itself as it’s possible to climb up till the level of Buddha’s shoulders.

Entrance fee: 250 LKR and donations are asked for shoe keeping

3. Kandy Lake and View Point

There is a huge artificial lake in the heart of the city with a small island in the middle of it, which is believed to be used by queen to relax. The lake is surrounded by a wall called Walakulu Bamma or Clouds Wall. Even if over the years the lake has been reduced in size, this is a wonderful place to take a walk around and climb the hill to see all the city from the top of the view point.

Entrance fee: Free

4. Kandy Municipal Central Market and Central Streets

You will find loads of interesting things to buy in Kandy. Starting from Ayurvedic products, spices, souvenirs to different kinds of tea. Of course, also shoes, clothes and colourful scarfs. City’s main streets are full of stores, check out also the market pavilion in which the first floor is used for different vegetables and fruits, but the second one is full of handicrafts and souvenirs. Just remember to bargain or ask the price for several sellers as locals tend to trick foreigners quite often.

Entrance fee: Free

5. Royal Botanical Garden and Commonwealth Cemetery

Take a city bus or train to the nearby village to visit Royal Botanical Garden and Commonwealth cemetery.  As you probably already know, tea is a huge thing in Sri Lanka. And the very first tea plant to Sri Lanka was brought from China by the British, and it was displayed exactly in the Royal Botanical Gardens. There are Sri Lanka’s largest and most impressive gardens, which once were meant only for royals to attend, but now this place is available for visitors, so take a look!

There is also well maintained Commonwealth Cemetery near the Royal Botanical Garden. It serves as a memorial for the soldiers who died in the defense of Sri Lanka in WWII. As the site is a relic of the country’s colonial history, it is also worth visiting!

Entrance fee: Royal Botanical Garden 1500 LKR

Commonwealth Cemetery Free

The second largest city of Sri Lanka, Kandy, will surprise you with its beauty. And, as it is also the major transportation hub in the island, you will be able to travel anywhere from here and this might be your stop between other places you visit as well. Do not skip Kandy, enjoy everything it can offer!


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