Welcome to Great Ocean Road!

Yes, Great Ocean Road is truly great. And there is no wonder why it is being called the most beautiful beachside road on the planet! You may have heard that the Twelve Apostles are the ones to see, but that’s not it and that’s just the smallest part of long, breathtaking journey along the coast where the natural wonders are just scattered around. Check out our TOP 10 Must-See places along the Great Ocean Road!

1. Portland

Let’s start with the very beginning, the Portland – a small city in Victoria that is actually the oldest European settlement in the state. Located on Portland Bay, this wonderful place is just perfect to start with amazing beaches!

2. Warrnambool

And then comes Warrnambool, which officially marks the western start (or end, depending on where are you starting your journey) of the Great Ocean Road. This is land between two rivers, where the settlers came as early as the 16th century. And now city boosts amazing park with trails through fairytale-like gardens and spectacular blue-water beaches where the penguins can be spotted!

3. Camperdown

If you are taking the inland route to the Twelve Apostles, you will discover picturesque Camperdown, which is located on the world’s third largest volcanic plain. Hilly region is rich with agricultural fields that centers around the Camperdown, where you can try different sorts of cheeses and great beer!

4. London Bridge

Well, at least what’s left from it. The great Southern Ocean will give you an unforgettable experience, and one of the sites to see on the coast is London Bridge – originally a natural archway and tunnel in an offshore rock formation. Though this archway collapsed in 1990 and now is a place to remind visitors that the Great Ocean Road landscape is always changing and now is the best time to visit it! London Bridge site is totally for free, available 24/7.

5. Port Campbell

This place is better known for the Port Campbell National Park and, yeah, those 12 Apostles! But first, let’s start with the town itself. It’s a wonderful seaside village, surrounded by Norfolk pines and cliffs, with beautiful beaches, also restaurants and galleries to visit.

6. Twelve Apostles

Twelve Apostles – 12 (actually, only seven is left now) limestone stacks standing there in the ocean – this the most famous attraction on the Great Ocean Road! The Twelve Apostles were formed by erosion. Because of those extreme weather conditions in the Southern Ocean the soft limestone erodes and forms caves in the cliffs, which then become arches that eventually collapse, leaving rock stacks up to 50 metres high. But these stacks are also exposed to erosion from the ocean waves. The coastal landscape is changing, and who knows how this place will look in the future! But one is clear – now it is just spectacular! In addition, you can take a chopper tour starting from 145 AUD per 15 minutes. The site itself is for free, open 24/7.

7. Gibson steps

These are 70-metre high vertical cliffs, rising up out of the sea just beside the Twelve Apostles. Yeah, there is the way down to the beach via those 86 steps that were carved into the cliff by local settler Hugh Gibson after who the site is named. And again, there are sceneries you will never forget!

8. Great Ocean walk

Oh, the Great Ocean walk is amazing! It is a hiking trail leading through green bushes, by the coast and cliffs, offering tremendous experience! And not so many dares to take it! Yeah, be aware that cliffs can be unstable and you shouldn’t stand on the very edge of the cliff, and be careful of venomous snakes in the area – we saw quite a few when walking the trail! But you can also be lucky to spot koalas, echidnas, wallabies and even penguins that come out after the sunset!

9. Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay is a very touristy stop on the Great Ocean Road. It is a coastal town full of nice restaurants and green parks by the beautiful beach. There is a season to spot the whales that are coming to the area to breed and to give birth to their calves!

10. Geelong

Geelong is a port city and is already the final point (or the starting one, depends from which place you enter the Great Ocean Road) of the Great Ocean Road. This is a city only 75 kilometres from the state capital, Melbourne. It is also the second largest Victorian city where you can see plains in the north and hills in the south. During the gold rush, Geelong experienced a boom as the main port to the rich goldfields, but later it became one of the largest manufacturing centres in Australia. Well, there is so much to explore!

The Great Ocean Road is an Australian National Heritage. A road that is stretching 243 kilometres along the south-eastern coast of Australia. Winding through amazing terrain along the coast, the ride on this road will surprise you with several prominent landmarks. If you are in Australia, this is a must!


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